Karla Buffalo

Fort McMurray

Karla spent her childhood summers in the North and came to identify with the boreal forest, the cultural diversity and the rural way of life. As an adult, she made a permanent move and has lived in the North since 1999 and is currently CEO of the Athabasca Tribal Council, which provides services to five First Nations. She has previously worked with Fort McKay First Nation as manager of government relations, with Syncrude in stakeholder relations and with the Government of Alberta in community development. In her community, Karla volunteers as a Doula. Doulas provide support to expectant mothers to help them have healthy pregnancies and prepare for a successful labour and delivery. She is now the head Doula in her community and is mentoring and training others to practice this important vocation for the health and support of mothers and babies. In her role with the NADC, Karla is most interested in working on the development of communities and service delivery. She wants to see improved delivery of government services and higher educational achievement for northern communities. Karla is married and has three children.