Strong, Vibrant Communities

Goal 4: Strong, Vibrant Communities

Strong, vibrant communities are essential to a strong northern Alberta. This goal recognizes the need to identify and increase the awareness of the key health (both individual and community) and human services priorities of northern Albertans, and work collaboratively to resolve these issues.

Key Strategies:

  • Facilitate conversations between provincial and northern leadership to determine priorities, opportunities and strategies with respect to health care in northern Alberta.
  • Support and advocate for sustainable solutions to address northern water and wastewater management challenges.
  • In partnership with northern municipalities and regional economic development experts, advocate for transportation priorities in the north.
  • Research and share community best practices and approaches to address socio-economic challenges during fluctuating economic cycles.
  • Support northern communities in assessing the gaps and potential impacts of socio-economic development with respect to new social infrastructure and services.
  • Deliver a one-stop shop for northern leaders to engage directly with government Ministers to discuss key priorities for the north.


Goal 1: Timely communication with government and northerners
Goal 2: Skilled, Educated, Local Workforce
Goal 3: Robust, Diversified Economy
Goal 4: Strong, Vibrant Communities