Robust, Diversified Economy

Goal 3: Robust, Diversified Economy

This goal recognizes that continued economic growth is dependent on having the necessary transportation networks, access to markets and infrastructure to support this growth as well as looking at diversifying the economy based on the unique characteristics of the region. Additionally, the resilience of northern communities in the face of volatility in resource prices and limited alternatives to economic diversification remains a challenge.


Key Strategies:

  • Deliver expert information on key social and economic development opportunities in the northern region.
  • Build and develop relationships with northern municipal leaders to ensure timely access to intelligence on municipal priorities and issues.
  • Build on existing data to ensure Council and northerners have access to appropriate regional data to advocate for required programs and initiatives through a medium that is user friendly and applicable to northern businesses, industry and municipalities.
  • Advance rationale for funding requirements for northern priorities through comprehensive, sector specific economic data.
  • Encourage the development of forestry and other renewable resources in northern Alberta.
  • Investigate and develop viable services and infrastructure in the north to support small business and secondary industry diversification and expansion.
  • Partner with Northern Regional Economic Development Alliances (REDAs) to identify and promote small business development, tourism, manufacturing and processing opportunities in the north.
  • Support potential value-added agriculture and opportunities for northern producers.


Goal 1: Timely communication with government and northerners
Goal 2: Skilled, Educated, Local Workforce
Goal 3: Robust, Diversified Economy
Goal 4: Strong, Vibrant Communities