Skilled, Educated, Local Workforce

Goal 2: Skilled, Educated, Local Workforce

To support the economy in northern Alberta, its labour force has to address the identified needs of northern communities and the requirements of industries operating within the region. The provision of specialized and localized training options and the inclusion of underrepresented populations is essential in ensuring that local populations participate fully in the region’s growth and development.


Key Strategies:

  • In partnership with Advanced Education, attract and retain skilled workers in the north.
  • In partnership with Advanced Education, enhance support for training and workforce participation of First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples in the north.
  • Support northern student, employer and community training needs through labour market research, capacity building and responsive post-secondary programming delivered through the northern colleges.
  • Support opportunities for Indigenous peoples’ participation in the workforce.
  • Ensure current research on education and employment trends in northern Alberta is available for alignment of bursary program funding and planning for future growth in the region.
  • Increase retention potential of northern professionals through promotion of northern career opportunities and engagement of northern business and industry in the recruitment process for high demand/hard to recruit to careers.


Goal 1: Timely communication with government and northerners
Goal 2: Skilled, Educated, Local Workforce
Goal 3: Robust, Diversified Economy
Goal 4: Strong, Vibrant Communities