Nurse Practitioner Bursary

The Nurse Practitioner Bursary is a return service bursary of $9,000 or $18,000 per year for up to 3 years. It is an incentive to encourage nurse practitioners to practice in northern Alberta upon graduation.

The Nurse Practitioner Bursary is non-repayable if you agree to live and work in the north. Your return service is one year of full time employment in your field of studies for each year of bursary support received. Students must apply for the bursary for each year they want to be considered.

You may receive a Nurse Practitioner Bursary if you:

  • Have been a resident of Alberta for 12 consecutive months before the start of your program
  • Are enrolled in a full-time Nurse Practitioner program designated for provincial funding
  • Plan to live and work in northern Alberta upon completion of your program and sign a return service contract
  • Are not in default of a provincial student loan

Return Service Commitment

Selected recipients sign a return service contract with Alberta Advanced Education.

The $9,000 option: live and work anywhere in northern Alberta

If you are eligible for this bursary, you will receive $9,000 per year. Upon completion of your program, you agree to work and live anywhere in northern Alberta (one year for each $9,000 bursary).

The $18,000 option: live and work in a specific region or community in northern Alberta

Using the Bursary Partnership Application completed by you and your sponsor, you may receive $18,000 per year ($9,000 per year from the NADC and another $9,000 per year from the sponsor).  Upon completion of your program, you agree to live and work in the area specified by your sponsor (one year for each $18,000 bursary).

Bursary Application

Use the Northern Alberta Development Council on-line application. Our applications are also available in PDF form as a resource only. Paper applications will not be accepted. Applications for a $9,000 bursary are due April 30, 2020. 

* Please note that this application site cannot be accessed by cell phone or tablet.  Applicants are required to use a PC to complete the application. 

**Applicants do not have the ability to save their application part way through.  We encourage applicants to review the PDF form to assist you in completing the application and having all required information when you start to complete your application.