Northern Student Teacher Bursary

The Northern Student Teacher Bursary is a return service bursary of $8,000 per year for two years, and is offered to students in the last or second to last year of a Bachelor of Education degree. It is meant to encourage students to plan to teach in participating northern school divisions upon completion of their degree.

You may be eligible if you are:

  • a Canadian citizen enrolled full-time in a post-secondary program at a designated institution
  • in the last two years of a program leading to a Bachelor of Education with a specialty in demand within northern Alberta

Return Service Commitment:

Students who receive a bursary agree to live and work as a teacher in one of the participating school divisions following completion of their program. Students commit to the north for three years of full time employment (or equivalent) for two years of bursary funding. Students who receive one year of funding will commit to two years of full time employment (or equivalent) of service. Recipients who do not fulfill this requirement must repay the bursary.

Bursary Application:

Use the Northern Alberta Development Council on-line application. Our applications are also available in PDF form as a resource only. Paper applications will not be accepted. Applications for the $16,000 bursary ($8,000 for each of your last two years) are due November 3, 2019.

Participating School Divisions: