Northern Student Teacher Bursary

The Northern Student Teacher Bursary is a return service bursary that brings teachers to rural and remote northern Alberta locations. This bursary currently provides teaching students in northern Alberta with more than $16,000 over two years.  This is expected to increase to more than $18,000 in the 2023 - 2024 school year.  Half the amount is awarded to students in their last year of studies and the full amount is awarded over two year to students in their second to last year of their program.  It is meant to encourage students to plan to teach in participating northern school divisions upon completion of their degree.

To be eligible to apply you must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident enrolled full-time in a post-secondary program at a designated institution (residents of Alberta will be given preference),
  • Be in the last or second to last year of a program leading to a Bachelor of Education or entering your first or second year of a Bachelor of Education After Degree, and 
  • Completing a program with a specialization in demand within northern Alberta.

You increase your chance of success if you:

  • Complete the application fully and answer the essay questions clearly and concisely,
  • Demonstrate an interest in northern Alberta and knowledge of northern employment opportunities,
  • Have an acceptable academic record and have attached a copy of your latest transcript/statement of grades, and
  • Include a resume and supporting documents with your application.

Return Service Commitment:

Students who receive a bursary agree to live and work as a teacher in one of the participating school divisions following completion of their program. Students commit to the north for three years of full time employment for two years of bursary funding. Students who receive one year of funding will commit to two years of full time employment of service. Part time teaching employment (subbing or short term contracts) will be prorated towards your obligation. Recipients who do not fulfill this requirement must repay the bursary.

Bursary Application:

Use this link to take you to our Bursary Online Applications, and select the Northern Student Teacher Bursary tile. 

Application intake for this bursary is to be determined. 

The NADC has updated its online bursary application.

You will need to have a My Alberta Digital ID (MADI) verified account to be able to submit your application. If you do not have an MADI verified account, use this link to find out how to get one. It may take up to two weeks to verify your account.

If you are experiencing problems signing into the application portal with MyAlberta Digital Id (MADI) and receiving the following message “Sorry, we can’t find the page you’re looking for…”  please clear your history in the browser you are using.  This will fix the problem and you will be able to access the bursary application site.

You will now be able to apply from your computer, cellphone or tablet, save part way through the process and complete it later and see the current status of your application.

Participating School Divisions:


If you secure employment with a First Nations’ Education Authority or accredited independent school located within the boundaries of the Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC) or within the school authorities listed above, please contact us at to ensure appropriate recognition of return of service.